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About Us

ANDI Mediterranean is a training organisation whose aim is to provide recreational scuba diver training†via its authorised centers and instructors, who in turn, certify qualified divers. The purpose of the organisation is the continued updating of its members in quality and safety matters regarding the training of both amateur and professional divers. It ensures the maintenance of standards and procedures which have been devised by†ANDI International, as well as a common policy regarding the training of its various programs worldwide. Furthermore, it provides its members continued support and information on developments regarding diving technology, so that students undergoing training qualify with the highest standards regarding safety, confidence whilst diving and breathable air quality.

ANDI Mediterranean is the successor of ANDI Hellas, which was established in 1996 by†Panagiotis Vournas†in full cooperation with†ANDI†headquarters and†Mr. Edward Betts†personally. Both are known for for their remarkable†activities regarding the development of standards and procedures, as well as for their product support to their members.†ANDIĘs†professional instructors always convey their knowledge and safe training to their students in the best possible manner and with the highest quality standards, since they are bound to maintain the best image in the industry and are the cornerstone for†ANDIĘs†success in its mission.

In†March 1995 he was the first in Greece to begin training recreational divers and instructors in the use of mixes using†ANDI InternationalĘs†standards and procedures. Since then, together with†ANDIĘs†President,†Mr. Edward Betts, he underwent a series of advanced training leading to his appointment as†Instructor Trainer Director†for all†ANDIĘs†training programs. He has also completed training in USA, Israel, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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