• ANDI Training Courses

ANDI Training Courses

Entry Courses

Read more about our entry courses

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Kids Training

Check out our kids training courses

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Open Water Specialties

You are seeking to expand your diving knowledge? Check out our specialty courses

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SafeAir - Nitrox Courses

You want to receive the full benefits of breathing cleaner gas and enhanced safety? Learn more about SafeAir - Nitrox series

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Technical & Exploration Training

Technical SafeAir Diver and Exploration programs are created to cover the specific information and skills necessary to perform stage-stop required decompression diving

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Dive Medic Series

ANDI Dive Medic series consisting of the Rescue Diver, First Aid Provider, Oxygen Administrator & CPR specialties

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Gas Blending, Maintenance & Inspection Series

Check out more about our operation of blending equipment, oversee the servicing of equipment and the procedures of inspecting cylinders

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Instructor & Leadership Courses

Make your dream come true by becoming an ANDI professional member. Read more about our pro courses

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Free Diving Courses

ANDI Free Diver training provides the necessary knowledge and skills, in order ANDI students to participate safely at the sport of free diving

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