• Open Water Specialties

Open Water Specialties

Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW)

ANDI Advanced Open Water Diver is a training course that should be considered as an extension of the Open Water Diver training. It centers on specific skills and specialties that will enhance every OWDs experience and knowledge of the environment.

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Cavern Diver (CVN)

ANDI Cavern Diver is a Level 2 training program covering all aspects of diving under an overhead environment within the light zone.

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Drysuit Diver (DSD)

ANDI Drysuit Diver is a specialty made for train youin the correct use of dry suits, including emergency procedures, care and maintenance.

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Navigation Diver (NAV)

ANDI Navigation Diver is a specialty made for train you in advance navigation techniques and compass usage.

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Boat Diver (BOT)

ANDI Boat Diver is a training program made for train youin proper boat diving etiquette and procedures.

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Night Diver (NGT)

ANDI Night Diver is a specialty made for train in proper preparation & procedures for night diving.

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