• TriMix Exploration Diver (TMD Level 5)

TriMix Exploration Diver (TMD Level 5)

For depths beyond 50 msw, the use of helium to offset the high levels of nitrogen offers a major risk reduction. The ANDI Tri-Mix Exploration Diver will have the ability to control both the narcosis and oxygen equations which must be considered when diving to these deeper depths. The operational depth limit for this program is extended to 100 msw ( if conditions and experience allow).  6 - 8 hours of lecture and 3 \ 4 open water dives are required for certification. Minimum bottom time for the dives without decompression time included is 75 minutes.

Pre-requisite: TSD and ERD certifications or equivalent + 200 logged dives. Other pre-requisites may apply.



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