• T101 - Technical & Diving Ops

T101 - Technical & Diving Ops

ANDI Training Facility AERO #001 (Constanta, Romania - Black Sea). Offering customized training for all levels (diver to instructor) in sport & technical (mixed gases, wrecks, JJccr) SCUBA diving.

Detailed information

T101 - Technical & Diving Ops®

Our diving center resident ANDI Instructor Training Courses from Open Water to Technical & Exploration ratings. 

Manager of the diving center is Mr. Benedic Constantin (IT #170). He has more 16 years of expirience in diving instustry as diver instuctor, instructor trainer and commercial diver.


Our Mission:

To train and certify sports and technical divers with responsibility to their safety!

We teach to our divers and non-divers clients the importance of protecting the environment and marine life. 


Our Values:

Professionalism and Passion.


Our Vision:

To be a point of reference and inspiration in sports and technical diving.


Our Motto:

Discipline, Work, Success...!


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