• Gas Blending, Maintenance & Inspection Series

Gas Blending, Maintenance & Inspection Series

Air Compressor Operator (ACO)

The goal of ANDI “Air Compressor Operator” training course is to train candidates the appropriate operation and usage of a high and low air compressor (HP/LP)

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SafeAir Gas Blender (CGB)

ANDI SafeAir Gas Blender course insures the proper operation of blending equipment and that ANDI standards for gas purity is met within the ANDI facility.

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SafeAir Service Technician (CST)

ANDI SafeAir Service Technician is an instrumental individual within the ANDI facility. Their role is to oversee the servicing requirements of equipment to be used with SafeAir and to insure that ANDI standards (as well as local standards) are met.

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Cylinder Inspection Technician (CIT)

ANDI Cylinder Inspection Technician course covers inspection procedures, regulations and documentation requirements for the technician involved in cylinder inspections.

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