• SafeAir - Nitrox Courses

SafeAir - Nitrox Courses

SafeAir Diver (SAD)

ANDI SafeAir Diver program introduces the concepts of enriched air diving and enables those certified as ANDI Limited SafeAir Users to receive the full benefits of breathing cleaner gas and enhanced safety.

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Complete SafeAir User (CSU)

ANDI Complete SafeAir User course expands the material introduced in the Limited SafeAir Diver course. Those completing this course are certified to use all SafeAir (Nitrox) mixtures up to 50% - SafeAir50.

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Cavern Diver (CVN)

ANDI Cavern Diver is a Level 2training program covering all aspects of diving under an overhead environment within the light zone.

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SafeAir Wreck Diver (SWD)

ANDI SafeAir Wreck Diver is a Level 2program covering all aspects of wreck diving and specialized equipment. Since it is advanced recreational in nature, no penetration or decompression is permitted.

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Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver (CCR Level 2)

ANDI Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver is a complete product & specific training program which enables the certified diver to crossover to this superior electronic technology. The program is structured for recreational scuba applications.

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