• Oxygen Workout – Level Up Your Life

Oxygen Workout – Level Up Your Life

Enhance your performance and boost your immune system

Imagine waking up in the morning, full of energy. You have a clear vision of what to do today, and you go out the door with a spring in your step. Even if you are feeling sluggish, there's a way to get you there. There is a simple yet incredibly effective way to get to the next level. It's a combination of two elements you already have in your life - exercise and oxygen. But the fun part is - everybody can do it. If you can move, walk, or ride a bike, you are good to go.

What is EWOT?

The use of oxygen during exercise dates to the late 1960s when professor dr Manfred von Ardenne developed a particular therapy named Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Today we call it Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). It is a way of providing your body with more oxygen, resulting in pretty amazing effects. So, another name for this kind of exercise you will come across is Multistep Oxygen Therapy. Imagine your phone that has only two or three per cent battery life left. As soon as you start charging it, its screen lights up, and it produces a lovely chime of relief. Well, that's how your body reacts to more oxygen. You feel a surge of new energy, and over time, every cell in your body is rejuvenated, giving you a whole new life.

When breathing air with a higher oxygen concentration than 21 % - hyperoxia - we instantly notice increased power, endurance and energy.

How does it work?

During Oxygen Workout, more oxygen is supplied to the lungs, so the person is breathing more than the 21% oxygen level in the air. However, since an average person utilises only one-quarter of the oxygen they inhale, transporting more oxygen to the cells does not necessarily improve oxygen utilisation by the cells. So, the other crucial part of EWOT is, in fact, exercise. You can use an exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical, stepper or rower. Sitting on the couch, just breathing oxygen, won't do the trick.

Breathing more oxygen than normally in combination with exercise allows red blood cells and blood plasma to transport oxygen deeper into the body's tissues, muscles, and nerve fibres. That way it naturally increases your body's function and abilities. Here is a list of benefits EWOT has on your body:

  • increased oxygenation of tissues and cells
  • enhanced metabolism up to 30 %improved memory
  • improved brain processing speed
  • faster recovery from stress
  • improved immune response
  • anti-ageing
  • better athletic performance
  • faster recovery after a workout

Can EWOT turn back the time?

Professor dr Manfred von Ardenne discovered a fundamental mechanism of the human ageing process. He believed oxygen and exercise hold the key to reversing this mechanism and improving many states related to ageing. In his book, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, he described the results of years of testing his theory along with the chronic conditions that the therapy cured.

While EWOT cannot really turn back the time, it can effectively help you to battle some of the consequences it brings. Staying fit and as healthy as possible even during your old age is now possible.

Higher, faster, smarter: the benefits of EWOT

Everybody can use EWOT. As long as you can do some sort of exercise, you are good to go.

Improve performance

Research has shown that athletes with extra oxygen in their system can do more; the level of lactate in the blood and the heart rate remain lower than in regular intensive training. After that, the high levels of oxygen help the body to recover faster while they feel less tired. And since injuries do happen when people exercise, a body saturated with oxygen heals and recovers faster.

Burn calories

Training with oxygen reduces fat tissue because EWOT increases calorie consumption by 30 %. Fifteen minutes on your treadmill have just become way more efficient, don't you think?

Reduce stress

Stress lowers the oxygen level in your body. No oxygen ? no life. Lack of this vital gas actually kills cells in your body, slowing down the function of every organ in your body. Calming down and boosting your endorphins is essential since stress leads to all sorts of chronic illnesses that can seriously affect your life.

Stay sharp

Imagine improving your memory and mental sharpness. You could learn more efficiently, stay more concentrated during your projects, think faster, and see the whole picture much clearer. Sounds too good to be true? Research shows that after using EWOT, people's short-term memory improved 19-23%. Do we have to say more?

Our mission is to make our own innovative and inspiring technology accessible, share our knowledge, and bring people the experience and benefits of hyperbaric oxygen science.

Oxygen Workout - a new product of AHA Hyperbarics

Having over 20 years of experience in hyperbaric science and HBOT, we are well aware of the benefits increased body oxygenation brings to people. Our mission is to make our own innovative and inspiring technology accessible, share our knowledge, and bring people the experience and benefits of hyperbaric oxygen science. That is why the next logical step was to find a solution that gives similar results as HBOT, but practically anybody can afford. Oxygen Workout is thus a lightweight, practical, and portable product that gives you outstanding results.

Oxygen Workout consists of:

  • AHA Oxygen Workout Reservoir Bag made of quality Urethane and a portable stand you can easily disassemble and store away in the Oxygen Workout storage bag
  • AHA Oxygen Workout Breathing set with reusable silicone mask
  • Oxygen Delivery System, 10 lpm

Once you get your equipment, you can start working out, as long as you have an exercise bike, treadmill or a similar fitness machine.

Why do you need the reservoir bag if you have an oxygen concentrator?

During exercise (under load), a person has an average oxygen consumption of 30 litres per minute (instead of 10 litres per minute), so they need three oxygen concentrators. That would be very expensive. However, you can only have one oxygen concentrator and an oxygen storage bag that stores as much as 450 litres of oxygen, enough for 15 minutes of oxygen training.

Personalized solution just for you

If you want to achieve the best results possible, it is essential to determine your goals and follow exact protocols to get there. That is why we have developed a system of personalized AHA Oxygen Workout Solutions that are tailor-made for the individual customer and their needs

The knowledge you get in your AHA Oxygen Workout Solutions will assure you the best results and keep your workouts safe.

Make it your own - personalized graphic design

Of course, there is more. Not only are the protocols personalized to meet your needs. Even the graphic design of the Oxygen Workout reservoir bag can be adapted according to your wishes. So, if you need a motif to motivate you or wish to display your company or club logo, we can make it happen.

Proud to support sport teams

AHA Hyperbarics is all about helping you reach your potential. That is why we are always happy to support ambitious endeavours. For example, a football club from Hartberg, Austria, recently got their own AHA Oxygen Workout and started using it. We suited them with a personalized solution and a football-inspired design.

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