• AHA Flex Hyperbaric Chamber 2.0

AHA Flex Hyperbaric Chamber 2.0

AHA Flex 2.0 Hyperbaric Chamber​​

Specifications & advantages of our hyperbaric chamber:

- Certificate: class IIb medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC)
- Working pressure of the chamber: 200 kPa (2.0 bar)
- Dimensions of the hyperbaric chamber: length: 250 cm, diameter: 85 cm
- Number of occupants: two people
- Weight of the chamber: approx. 40 kg
- Materials: anti-oxidizing materials which do not lose on quality, despite higher concentrations of oxygen
- Safety: closing system with a special zipper and strips with inox buckles, which protect the zipper
​- Warranty: AHA Flex 20 has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty or 2000 working hours
- Stability: a special double anti-roll bolsters

The chamber works with the help of:

  • an oil-free compressor, which enables pressure to rise inside the chamber. The compressor is working throught the whole duration of the therapy, as it provides inside the chamber the nessecary ventilation.
  • Two Oxygen concentrators, which produces the breathing gas inside the chamber. The person who is getting the hyperbaric therapy breaths through an NRB (non-rebreather) Mask. 

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