• Open Water Diver (OWD)

Open Water Diver (OWD)

You are about to embark on a journey similar to the journeys of man into outer space. You are following in the “fins” of the multitudes of fun loving, adventurous people who are currently enjoying the joys and wonders of “Inner Space”. Our planet is only one-fourth land. This is a water planet! To truly experience the world around us requires that we explore the underwater world.

Many of us started on the path to inner space simply by opening our eyes underwater in a lake, pond, river, or sea. This opened our consciousness to an entire new world under the surface of the water. From there, many of us placed a mask or goggles over our eyes to enable us to see the underwater splendors in even greater detail and held our breath diving and kicking our way under the surface to get deeper into this new realm.

That new experience rewarded us with new sights, colors and life forms never before experienced first-hand. The rich vibrant colors and beauty of the aquatic life will make you think that you are dreaming. This dream is real and to be experienced each and every time you glide through inner space. We took the ultimate step, which you are about to take with this course, and became knowledgeable in SCUBA diving, taking our breathing gas with us to allow greater depths and longer exposures without the strain of holding our breath. You are about to enjoy an experience unequaled except possibly by the astronauts exploring outer space.

Have a great journey and pass this experience on to your friends and loved ones as we, who long ago had it passed on to us have done.....


ANDI Open Water Diver course is an entry level, diver training program designed to provide all of the basic information and skills required for the beginning openwater SCUBA Diver. Emphasis is placed on creating a safe, comfortable and confident diver with special skills and tools beyond that of other training agencies.

While other organizations have chosen not to incorporate use of Redundant Breathing Systems (RBS), the ANDI OWD program will not only utilize this important safety equipment but require that all divers in training utilize these tools for safer diving.

Pre-requisite: 16 years old. None other than they must be physically fit enough with no medical contraindications. Some locales may require a diving medical physical.




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