• Extended Range Diver (ERD Level 4)

Extended Range Diver (ERD Level 4)

This program is designed to bridge the gap between the advanced / decompression diver and the deep explorer. The ERD program is a diving oriented course with extensive practical diving included.

The ERD course may be a stand alone program or taught in conjunction with either the TSD or the TMD course but not both. The following topics will be stressed: gas supply management, decompression table selection, team functioning and mission planning relative to longer and deeper dives.  The maximum recommended depth in this program is 50 msw.

This course prepares the diver for ultra-deep, “mission-oriented” dives and entry into the Tri-mix Exploration Program. This is an equipment intensive course requiring extensive counseling  by the ANDI ERD Instructor.  6 - 8 hours of lecture and 3+ open water dives are required for certification.

Minimum bottom time for the dives is 240 minutes.




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