• What is Technical Diving

What is Technical Diving

Technical Diving is a term that is now used to describe an advanced diving discipline that has been practiced for many years, and in many forms. Cave and Penetration Wreck Diving are two examples. “Technical Diving”, as a term, was coined by Michael Menduno, and used in his Aquacorps publications.  It has since become a fashionable term for describing the techniques used by advanced divers to carry out profiles that would be considered somewhat extreme by most of the “recreational” diving community.  However, since all of these dives are being performed for the pleasure and recreation of the participants, they are in fact “recreational” in nature as well.  For training purposes and educational clarity, we need to have a point of division between these two distinct disciplines.  Therefore, ANDI defines the term Technical Diving to include: any dive that requires a planned decompression stop, or the use of more than two gas mixtures, or dives that exceed 40 m, or  dives involving penetration into either wrecks or caves, or dives using more than two cylinders.
Conversely we can limit recreational diving to dives that are within the 40 m maximum depth limit, within the “No Deco Limit”, using only two cylinders and two gases without any cave or wreck penetration beyond the light zone.    The 40 m depth limit is reasonable for a recreational limit because dives deeper than this will require some element of stage decompression, and if properly executed, definitely more than one breathing gas.  Further, we would include any dives involving penetration into either wrecks or caves, since this activity requires very specialized training and discipline regardless of the depth.
This is indeed a broad definition.  When you have completed the ANDI  Technical SafeAir Diver Program, the skills and knowledge that you will have acquired will bring all of this into clear focus.  You have taken the most important step in the acquisition of safe diving skills by seeking out the proper training.  Your ANDI Instructor will guide you in developing the proper attitude and approach to this new diving adventure.  There are many new diving frontiers ahead of you now, and ANDI will be there to help you meet the challenge.
ANDI is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of diving education, and pledges to take no shortcuts in providing this training to you.  We will continue to offer programs that extend to all levels of diving, and some of you will progress to our Exploration Programs for Extended-Range, Tri-Mix, and Closed-Circuit Rebreather.  This is only the beginning of a great new diving adventure, and you have begun by making the right choice, the ANDI choice.

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