• Technical & Exploration Instructor

Technical & Exploration Instructor

Technical SafeAir Instructor (Level 3), may train divers to use all Nitrox and Oxygen mixtures to 40m, performing decompression profiles limited to a max of 30 minutes deco-time, using 3 cylinders and 3 gases.

Extended Range Instructor (Level 4). may train divers to use SafeAir and Oxygen mixtures without limits on the decompression obligations, dive run times, number of cylinders or equipment configurations at a maximum depth of 50m  or 4.5 ata PN2.

TriMix Instructor (Level 5), may train divers to use SafeAir, Helium and Oxygen mixtures without limits.  Course depth limit is 100m. Attainable depths are relative to experience levels and the quality of available technical support.


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