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Tekdive.nl is a diving school with the focus on technical diving. Tekdive.nl is owned by: Mark Hage

Detailed information

About us:
Welcome to the site of Tekdive, ANDI diving school. Tekdive is a collaboration between 3 instructors, Dop Koot, Marion van Veldhoven and Mark Hage.

If you want to learn to dive longer, deeper or in an overhead environment, you've come to the right place! You can also contact us for gaining experience or personal training.

We also offer dry courses, such as gas blender and service technician.

We provide the training courses under the ANDI standards.  ANDI International, founded in 1988, they were one of the first international technical diving organizations to be at the forefront of manufacturing and diving with safe breathing gases such as Nitrox and Trimix.


Dive training:
We offer recreational and technical nitrox and / or trimix courses at all levels up to exploration diver where there are no more limits for the diver with regard to depth, time and configuration. We can offer these courses as a user but also at an instructor level, which makes us fairly unique in the Netherlands.


Technician training courses:
ANDI technical training courses are also given in-house. Both for gas blender and service technician. We have a specially built filling station with oil-free compressors, suitable up to 300 bar and equipped with various buffers, extra filtration and a booster for oxygen and helium.


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