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Welcome to Tamaguro Dive...A different experience in safety, responsibility and quality in Sport Diving, Technical, Rebreather, Commercial Diving, Shipwreck Exploration and Expeditions

Detailed information

Tamarugo Dive was born in 2005 when Daniel Malfanti (the owner of Tamarugo Dive), was certified as an Instructor at IANTD.

In 2013 he conducted the IANTD Nitrox and Trimix Blender course in San Diego, United States.

Since that same year I have also been a dealer of Suex scooters, which deliver an unsuspected advance in diving and exploration efficiency in underwater navigation.

During that time I made specializations in Technical Diving, rebreathers and gas mixer. In 2014 I became an Instructor of the TDI and SDI, thereby expanding the courses and means available to improve teaching in diving.

Between 2014 and 2015, Divemaster Paula Muñoz helped me to grow Tamarugodive.

During 2015, I did several retraining and courses, in Technical Diving and rebreathers at the Marina Rubicon Diving Center, Lanzarote, Spain. With the Rebreather JJ-CCR he took the ANDI course “Rebreathers Explorer - L5 CCR”. To later become certified as a Rebreather Instructor, becoming ANDI Chile, as an L2 Instructor and JJ-CCR rebreathers.

From the year 2016, Samir Apey and Francisco Inzunza accompany me as ANDI Instructors.

At the end of 2016, Daniel took ANDI's Wreck Diver L5 course, the most complex wreck course in existence. And later the Instructor Wreck Diver course, to finally take the ANDI Instructor Trainer course, being the No. 167 of this important and historic agency.

And from 2016 we became an ANDI Training Facility. Thus we have become a Diving Center of the highest level where the concepts of "Safe Diving", "Plan and dive as planned" and "Compliance with the highest standards" are our philosophy at our center.

This 2018, we work on Underwater Cultural Heritage projects together with the University of Valparaíso, Municipality of Valparaíso, among other entities. Object to rescue the Flach Submarine and preserve its history, as well as other important shipwrecks in the port. And this year Paula Muñoz joins the Tamarugo Dive structure.

At the end of 2018 we have obtained the support of the President of the Republic to continue the search for Karl Flach's Submarine.

We invite you to dive with us in Valparaíso or Concón, or participate in an expedition! 





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