• Technical Diver (TSD)

Technical Diver (TSD)

Recreational diver training has always discouraged stage decompression diving as being a dangerous activity reserved for the "professionals". Without proper training the procedures add considerable risk to the diver's well being. Until the birth of technical diving there was no standard method for acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience to perform stage decompression without additional risk.

Since this is the first course in the ANDI progression that encompasses actual decompression diving, this ANDI's first course beyond the range of "recreational diving" as we have come to describe it.

The primary course objective in the Technical SafeAir Diver (TSD) program is to prepare candidates for actual decompression diving as well as the additional equipment for safer technical diving. This training will extend the divers' depth limit capability to 40msw.

More advanced dive planning, additional equipment task loading, multiple cylinders, decompression obligations, thermal stress from longer immersion, and increased depth make this training and prior experience essential for prudent risk management.

Pre-requisite: CSU certification or equivalent. Other pre-requisites may apply.
This is the first ANDI program to cover the specific information and skills necessary to perform stage-stop required, "technical" decompression diving while minimizing the associated risk factors.


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