• Complete SafeAir User (CSU)

Complete SafeAir User (CSU)

Builds upon and expands the material introduced in the Limited SafeAir User course. Covers the information necessary to make use of all 8 of the ANDI-identified applications of SafeAir within sport diving limits. Those completing this course are certified to use all SafeAir mixtures, including SafeAir 50. This program requires 8 -12 hours of lecture and two open water orientation \ training dives.

This certification may be used to complete the two logged SafeAir dives required for full certification.

The certified CSU diver may use Nitrox mixtures of 22% to 50%, performing No-Decompression-Stop-

Required profiles with 2 cylinders and 2 gases.

Depth limited to gas mix and OW diver certification rating limit.

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