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Why Should a Professional Facility Choose ANDI...

Any instructor and particularly ANDI instructor wears many hats. They have responsibilities to their facility and other staff, their students, ANDI, to their families and of course themselves (not necessarily to that order). Balancing all of these duties is an art but certainly not an accident! The successful instructor should have good technical skills, excellent “people” skills, be empathetic yet firm and confindent, completely organized and have good time management skills.

To be an ANDI instructor requires more than just a sound knowledge of diving. An ANDI  instructor must be able to effectively communicate why ANDI has chosen the limits it uses, how to best accomplish the task of diving safely and provide a positive experience for the student.

The ANDI instructor has the duty to uphold the high standards as defined by ANDIpolicies and procedures as dictated by the facility and provide a safe environment for learning. By adhering to all ANDI as provided by ANDI the integrity of the full program is maintained as well as the safety of the students.

ANDI has spent a considerable amount of time identifying the structure, content and procedures for all our programs. By following all instructor outlines and adhering to the procedures and standards your students will be given an experience worthy of their expectations. ANDI is constantly looking for input. We want to have the best, most highly respected programs within our industry.

There is an acronym that ANDI has used to define the necessary components of a good diver:

A.T.K... !!

Attitude    Training   Knowledge    Experience    Equipment

The correct professional attitude, proper preparation training, adequate knowledge, the complete materials and equipment necessary for the task and the opportunity to gain the needed experience to advance in educational pursuits.

As a professional instructor you are on the front line of promoting diving. You can choose to just certify students or you can choose to develop them into divers who support you, the facility and contribute to health of the sport. Be positive, supportive, take on the role of a mentor and always keep your cool. Follow the standards and never compromise safety. Your rewards will be more dedicated.

This program will provide new opportunities and educational enrichment.


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